XINZHAN is a professional knife manufacture focusing on high-end knife manufacturing. Our city Yangjiang is a coastal city in the west of Guangdong, China, 200KM from Guangzhou, has been dominating the knife manufacturing industry in China since Tang dynasty(about 1,400 years ago).

Nowadays, 70% knives and scissors in China are made in our city. Benefited from the precious historical heritage, modern technology, and the complete industrial chain, we know what we can do and what we should do.

Nobody can make a perfect knife if he/she is not a knife lover. We can proudly say all of our mates love making knives. When seeing a perfect knife finished by your hands, how happy will you be? That is a story just a true knife lover can tell.

We believe many suppliers also tried to cooperate with you or you can easily find suppliers on internet,  but why we suggest you consider us? Here is some points:
We have most popular steels and make steels by ourselves.
We can make knives with most popular steels in the world, such as D2, ATS-34, AUS series, Sandvik series, MoV series etc, but VG10 is an exception, the manufacturer of VG10, TAKEFU Special Steel in Japan has stopped exporting VG10 to China since 2017. MoV does have some steels with very similar properties and characteristics to VG10, but VG10 is VG10, we don't like false descriptions.

Besides those steels, we also make steels by ourselves for making luxury knives. That is Tamahagane. Tamahagane is a kind of materials used for making katanas, and a katana smith will usually not make other knives in Japan, even some smiths break the rule and make chef's knives with tamahagane in Japan, the price would be super expensive, but in China, we can make the price more reasonable, as our labor cost, raw material cost... much lower.

So, why can we make tamahagane in China? Tanahagane actually originated in China thousands of years ago and then reached to Japan , It called" Yugang" or"玉钢" in Chinese. Very few Chinese blacksmiths know to make tamahagane or Yugang in 20/21 century and most of them living in remote rural areas. Our master Mr. Chen spent more than 10 years to visited, learnt from those blacksmiths, and comprehend all knowledge and experience from those blacksmiths. We can say our steel is better than tamahagane, if you like, you can call it Yugang.

We don't boast, you can check some videos of our knives made with Yugang, you can buy a sample and test it, if you don't satisfied with it, send it back and get refund.

Testing video links:

You have any problems? Tell us
Some clients want to create their own brands, but they have no any experience of making knives or importing products oversea. Don't worry about that, if you really have such a plan, let's work together. We will tell you all of knowledge we have, and deliver the products to your warehouse including tariffs paid, all you need to do is to sign the parcels on your site. Any problem, please just let us know at any time, we will try our best to solve for you.

We will let you "take part in the manufacturing processing"
Production need time, but during this period of time, we will not let you just waiting. We will update the details to you in time via photos, videos or live stream etc. You can see how your products being made, just like happen at your workshop.

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