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We love knives!

A knife is made of steel, but we believe that making a perfect knife need love and heart.
In Xinzhan family, all of us worked in big knife factories which made thousands and thousands of cheap knives with punching machine a day.

Our co-founder and marketing director, Bruce worked in those factories as well before, during that period of time, some clients wanted to place an order with 100/200 units and very concern about the quality. He had to decline these clients, as those companies usually set up a high MOQ, at least 1,000 units, and lack of experience of making high quality knives.

Manufacturing cost in China is low, Bruce though if can make good knives and lower the MOQ, it really can help those clients save costs and time. Therefore, he purchased quality imported steels to make knives with a friend who was working in a knife factory as well years ago. They spent one year to test and called those clients back when the knives were perfectly made.

Using excellent steels imported from Japan, Europe, USA to custom made high quality knives is our main business. We have laser cutter and CNC machine to shape the knives exactly same as your designs, and the knives will be ground by skilled smiths' hands, to ensure the knives are really sharp.

If you are a bladesmith, chef, or someone who don't know to create 3D files, but want to custom made your own knives, don't worry about that, just let us know what you want, send us a hand-draw sketch, we will do the rest and send you a sample to confirm before placing an order.
MOQ(minimum order quantity) might be a problem for some people when looking for a supplier from oversea. In theory, we don't set up MOQ, one knife is available to us, but the cost performance rate would be pretty low, as shipping costs and set-up fees. According to our experience, when the quantity is no less than 50 units, our price is competitive in developed countries.

But MOQ is not a necessary requirement, if you plan to custom made 20/30 units, just talk with us, we will calculate out the price for your reference.
No matter where you are(as long as not in Antarctica:), we can send the goods to your office, if you want to send it to your distributors directly, drop shipping is ok as well. All of prices include shipping costs.
Express(DHL,UPS...), about 7-10 days
Ocean shipping, about 30-40 days
Railway shipping(For European clients), about 30-35 days.
So, purchasing from us is as simple as online shopping from a local store.
The lead time is about 15- 20 days if the quantity is less then 1000 units, during the processing time, we will undate the details to you in time. Such as cutting finished, heat treating fished.... we will send you photos or videos, just like manufacturing at your own workshop.
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