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We are located in the knife manufacturing hub in China-Yangjiang, Guangdong. Since Tang dynasty(about 1400 years ago), knife making had become a traditional industry in our city. Nowadays, knife industry is still the most important part of Yangjiang's economy.

Even so, many people know nothing about Yangjiang made knives, some of them might use Zwilling, Wusthof...but don't know those big brands have factories in Yangjiang. That's a fact, Yangjiang is not as famous as Solingen, Germany and Seki, Japan. Why? This situation not only happen in knife industry in China, but also in other industries. Most manufacturers just focus in big orders of cheap knife, not small orders of high perfermance knife, but it is understandable, if just for making money, Toyota makes much more money than Rolls-Royce.

We want to change something, we just focus on high performance knives. Yangjiang provides us the possibility.

It is easy to hire experienced workers. All of our workers have 5+ years experiece in knife industry, our production manager has been working in this inudtry since 2000. We think this is pretty important for us to make great knives.

Complete industrial chain. There are countless quality steels in the world, we cannot have them all in stock, but our suppliers can! The same to equipment, want laster cutting or waterjet cutting? vacuum heat treatment and cryogenic processing? We can find all of these services in our city.

Low labor cost, compare with developed countries, our labor cost is definitely much lower, even lower than some developed areas in China like Pearl River Delta or Yangtze River Delta. Our average wage level is about 3,000-5,000 RMB which is $450-750 per month, 26 working days a month.

We understand "local made" is important for high performance knives, many knifemakers just want to keep everything made locally or made by themselves. Well, if you send steels to a local workshop for cutting and heat treatment, why don't you let us do this for you at a lower price?

Tell us what you need!

Stock Removal or Forging?
Stock removal is currently the making way.
Cutting: most is laser, some is waterjet.
Grinding: wet grinding (CNC)
Steels imported from Europe, United States, Japan, such as 14C28N, 440C, S30V, S90V,154CM, D2, M390, 52100, 1095, DC53, AUS8/10, VG10....
Mirror Polish, Polished, Stonewash, Bead Blasting, Satin,  Acid Etch...

Finished Knife

  Wooden Box           Cardboard Box

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